James Comey is a prolific liar who perjured himself on June 8, 2017 when he said, "And the reason I keep saying his words is, I took it as a direction. I mean this is the President of the United States with me alone saying 'I hope this'. I took it as this is what he wants me to do. I didn't obey that but that's the way I took it."

Clearly, if "that's the way he took it" James Comey would not have announced that President Trump was within his right to fire him. Moreover, he would have recused himself from the "investigation" because as soon he thought that President Trump was obstructing justice, he became the witness of a potential criminal investigation and it was therefore his obligation to recuse himself from any further. "active" involvement in the matter to protect the integrity of his testimony. James Comey did not do that and his bizarre interpretation of the President's actual words is therefore not credible.

It is not only clear that Comey perjured himself on June 8, 2017 when he testified under oath but it is also very easy to determine where his so-called "contemporaneous" view came from. Comey released his statement for his June 8, 2017 appearance to the media on June 7, 2017, where it was mulled over by CNN's talking heads, and they essentially interpreted Comey's statement. Consequently, when Comey testified on June 8, 2017 he merely echoed the talking point declaration of CNN pundits who analyzed the statement that was released to the media on June 7, 2017, and that is what Comey used to misrepresent President Trump's word.

That clearly proves that Comey perjured himself by misrepresenting Trump's words on June 8, 2017 and it is consequently the obligation of Special Counsel Mueller to charge Comey with perjury and to put a permanent end to Comey's malignant leaks because nobody will ever trust the FBI again if he does not.

According to Chris Swecker, Former FBI Assistant Director for the Criminal Investigation Division, if James Comey felt the way CNN told him to feel, "Under the Attorney General guidelines which we operated under, he operates under as Director of the FBI, there's a level of what we call predication to open up an investigation. A preliminary inquiry is a pretty low bar, a reasonable indication that a crime has been committed, and then the next step is a full investigation -that could have been done. And I was very surprised when he was asked, you know, as an FBI agent who sees a crime, do they have a duty to report it? And he gave a very equivocal answer to that. My answer would have been absolutely, of course, particularly under these circumstances, so I don't think he really had a good answer to that question, and that was the question I hoped that he would answer today... What he said was they thought it might be relevant in the near future and he decided just sort of put it aside with the notion that it might be relevant. To me it was immediately relevant and that question or that matter, potential matter should have been referred to someone. He basically became a potential witness at the moment that the President said or requested that he let it go when there's an ongoing investigation and to me it should have been handled the way you always handle things. You recuse yourself and hand it down to your number two or your number three or you go across the street to the Department of Justice even if the AG himself is conflicted."

Director Comey ignored protocol because President Trump did not obstruct justice and that should be the end of that.

In the final analysis, even a junior prosecutor can easily convict Comey for perjury under the circumstances and Special Counsel Mueller must therefore restore the integrity of the FBI by holding Comey accountable for all this inexcusable deception/perjury.

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