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Is memory bondage or liberation?
Does memory confine or liberate?

Memory is a double-edged sword -the source of all our problems and all our accomplishments.

When we use the past to merely confirm what we already think, it is a destructive force. When we use the past to clarify and to generate awareness, it is a constructive force.

The mind is filled with unconscious cognitive processes like perception, emotion, will and imagination. Memory consulted by mind gives completely different answers to memory consulted by intelligence. In essence, the mind reacts to memory, intelligence interrogates memory.

Thought is like a current or a wave of information that pollutes or liberates the predisposed mind and if prejudice is not intercepted by clarity and awareness, people are very easy to manipulate.

Needless to say, when advertisers trigger a response in the subconscious mind, consumers purchase products and even vote for political candidates without being aware of what is motivating them.

When we purchase something we do not need, we are merely reacting to the predisposition of mindful prejudice. If we pause for cognitive reflection, we exercise the opportunity to examine our perception and to either confirm or reassess the validity of knee-jerk reaction.

You are subject to being manipulated because you make up your mind through perception and interpretation rather than through fact and reason, and it is therefore necessary to develop deliberative, discriminating intelligence.

Clearly, we are all filled with plenty of toxins that are clouding our vision and must be eliminated to liberate the impaired mind. The only path to free ourselves from ingrained patterns of behavior is through informed discernment in the exercise of the will.

guess who?
guess who?