If you want better news journalism, read my links. Everybody knows that the fundamental nature of the news has changed for the worst since November 22nd 1963. That is when the government began to make the cover up bigger than the crime and it has been that way ever since. The problem is, when we expose a cover up without discovering the crime, we do more harm than good because history tends to repeat. Consequently, we do not expose corruption. We merely give criminals the opportunity to hide their crimes better the second time around, and that is why they are winning and we are patting ourselves on the back for allowing it to happen.

Unlike most of what you read today, I provide accuracy, impartiality, context and depth. That is always true because I never talk about issues or events I have not thoroughly researched. My cardinal rule is simple: "if you do not know what you are talking about, shut the fuck up." Imagine the silence. Can't get by without it.

According to journalist, Ted Koppel, people like Bill O'Reilly are responsible for destroying media credibility because they created the environment where the news has gone from being dull and objective to entertaining and subjective. That is certainly part of the reason. The other is the motivation behind all the subjectivity. When that is hidden, reporting is outright deception.

If you need better sources, I am the real "Bernstein and Woodward" -the high watermark for investigative journalism and that is because I absolutely reject the iconic myth that Watergate was anything more than the Warren Commission Part II.

I am not unique. I am just another competent historian and that's my job. Anybody who uses evidence, critical thinking and analysis to set aside emotion and baseless intuition is in fact the actual Bernstein and Woodward of the 21st century.

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Nixon was in Dallas on November 22nd 1963.

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