Writing about the National Purpose in the Life Magazine issue dated August 29, 1960, Richard Nixon essentilly exposed the mentality which is responsible for four assassinations: JFK, MLK, RFK and John Lennon.

In order to adequately meet the threat that Communism allegedly posed, Nixon wrote as follows: "I believe that we should also take special account of General Sarnoff's call for an 'unequivocal decision' to win the cold war and his point that news of this be plainly told to the world."

The delusion that the cold war can be won is evidently still a prevalent belief and it is certainly inconsistent with the following, Nixon pronouncement: "We all know that the struggle with communism must be fought without atomic war."

That's what the reactionary Richard Nixon said, but the ignorant fanatic acted otherwise. If he was the President during the Cuban Missle Crisis, for example, Richard Nixon would have listened to the Generals who proposed bombing Cuba and the nuclear confrontation he rhetorically opposed would have destroyed the entire world if President Kennedy and his brother Robert shared his mentality.

Richard Nixon was a fanatic who ascribed mutual purpose and he targeted and destroyed anybody who dissented. The fact that the media has failed to expose this evil tyrant is certainly a mystery to any historian who has studied Richard Nixon.

Make no mistake about it, like all of us, Richard Nixon was a prisoner of his beliefs and there is no room to doubt anything in a world where there are no real secrets -just persistent denial.

In his own words, this is the mentality that makes it very easy to understand what Richard Nixon did: "...the nation has mounted insufficient response to the Communist challenge to free society.

We can all agree that we have never faced a more formidable challenge. Yet contrary to some of the other viewpoints which have been presented, it is my belief that never has the Americn purpose been more clear."

It is important to point out that Nixon equated "purpose" with "higher authority" and for that reason, he developed the idea that it was in fact a duty to eliminate/neutralize anybody who did not share his "purpose".

The writers and hisorians who have linked Richard Nixon to the assassination of John F. Kennedy have already exposed the obvious. Even Jack Ruby, worked for Richard Nixon as an informant to combat the Communist menace, one of Nixon's many "hitmen" and he clearly demonstrated his will on national television when he assassinated Lee Harvey Oswald in effort to bury the truth about the Kennedy Assassination.

Richard Nixon's involvement in the assassination of John Lennon has received less publicity and that is also rather curious.

To make a long story short, after John Lennon was assassinated, Richard Nixon wrote a book called "The Real Peace" -and the purpose of that was to "re-purpose" America in the manner he had advised in 1960 when he said:

"If our purpose, as I believe it does, comes from a higher authority than ourselves, we still retain the responsibility. It rests with us, as men, and as a nation, whether we will or will not fulfill our purpose. From this point on when I speak of national purpose I will mean both the purpose that should unite us and the dedication of mind and spirit necessary to achieve it."

With that in mind, this is the hitman that Richard Nixon used to neutralize John Lennon.

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