It's a new world. remember Covfefe and how it became a brand name overnight? Well, my tweet is even more consequential than a mere typo surrounded by Trump Intrigue. This one is Patorat and it stands for Patriots versus Traitors. That is what this fight is all about and Trump cannot possibly lose.

Why? well that is kind of easy to figure out, don't you think? I am certain that unless you are John McCain or his Democratic Soulmates, you clearly understand the fight in hand. To keep it short, I will summarize it in a sentence and you need to keep coming back as we expose more information about illegal, regime change plots in Syria. Hint: Syria is the new Cuba and America will either self-destruct or accept the fact that Putin's red line cannot be crossed without triggering World War III.

Here's the sentence you have been waiting for:

"Everything that the United States is currently doing to President Donald Trump exceeds the turmoil of anything that Russia can possibly do even if it is in a position to successfully blackmail President Donald Trump."

Read it again and again and again, until it sinks in.

Mueller is investigating. Does he get it? Has the FBI studied the process of regime change in the United States of America.

Mueller is a Vietnam War surviver, he will get it and he will clear the President of the United States or history will call him a Traitor.

Next: Independent Counsel, Ken Starr discusses the firing of FBI Director, james Comey.



Pretty Boy Floyd

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