Mental Strength is Mental Health

Developing mental strength is about honing your sense of purpose and cultivating your ability to make good things happen. Mental strength can be a road map for personal success in all areas of your life, especially in your career. Mentally strong people have many distinguishable character traits. Let's see some of them.

1. Mentally strong people enjoy spending time alone.
Mentally strong people can tolerate being alone and they donít fear silence. They arenít afraid to be alone with their thoughts and they can use downtime to be productive. They enjoy their own company and arenít dependent on others for companionship and entertainment all the time but instead can be happy alone.

2. They live neither in the past nor in the future.
Being present, rather than dwelling on the past or anticipating the future, allows you to see things as they really are. Whether or not they have a formal meditation or mindfulness practice, mentally strong people tend to have a mindful, attentive way of engaging with the world.

3. They dare getting out of their comfort zone.
The comfort zone won't keep someone safe. On the contrary, the comfort zone can be a dangerous place, where anyone who remains there for too long loses his or herself entirely. Mentally strong people don't give up their life doing only "safe" things. They like to risk!

4. Self awareness is their thing.
Being Ďblissfully unawareí can get us through a bad day but it's not a very wise long-term strategy. Self-awareness helps us get in touch with our psychological/physiological needsóknowing what we need, what we donít need, and when itís time to reach out for some extra help. The self-aware are good at listening to the subtle cues their body and their mood are sending.

5. They are not jealous of others' happiness.
It's common for many people to become envious when someone else - even if we're talking about their friends! - succeeds in his life. The reason why they feel like that is the fact that they suffer from low confidence or no confidence at all. Mentally strong people don't feel jealous of others' success; they feel happy for them! What everybody should know is that resentment sucks up a massive amount of mental energy. Mentally strong people already know it.

6. They know that failure is part of success.
It takes courage and patience to achieve a goal. That means you should understand and accept failure as a fact that should push you to try again. Mentally strong people don't give up because of a failure - they know it's a part of the game. Everyone is allowed to fall, but, then, he has to rise again.

7. They learn from their mistakes.
Mentally strong people donít make the same mistakes over and over. They accept responsibility for their behavior and learn from their past mistakes. As a result, they donít keep repeating those mistakes over and over. Instead, they move on and make better decisions in the future.

8. They donít waste time feeling sorry for themselves
Mentally strong people donít sit around feeling sorry about a lost game or how others in game have treated them. Instead, they take responsibility for their actions and understand that LoL isnít always easy or fair.

9. They avoid unreasonable conflicts
The true mark of maturity is when somebody hurts you and you try to understand their situation instead of trying to hurt them back. Holding grudges has never been a solution to problems, nor has anyone achieved anything out of it.Instead of spending your time hating people who hurt you, choose to let go of the pain and learn from the incident. Even in the harshest stress factors, stay calm and you try to handle situations smoothly.

10. They accept the fact that they can't please everyone
Mentally strong people recognize that they donít need to please everyone all the time. Theyíre not afraid to say no or speak up when necessary. They strive to be kind and fair, but can handle other people being upset if they didnít make them happy.

11. They listen to other people's advices.
Mentally strong people are not arrogant. Only the foolish believe themselves to be sufficient in all regards. When it comes to brainstorming, ideas canít so much be forced as they can be caught. A good idea is a good idea, regardless of whether or not you came up with it. Donít let your ego get the better of you; if someone has great advice to give, take it.

12. But they don't let others' decide for them.
Only you should be making your own decisions; you canít allow others to make them for you. All this does is shift the responsibility from you to someone else, but the only person failing in the end is you. If you donít have the courage to fail, then you donít have the courage to succeed.

13.They know when to stop.
In other words, they know their boundaries. Resilient people understand that there is a separation between who they are at their core and the cause of their temporary suffering. The stress/trauma might play a part in their story but it does not overtake their permanent identity.

14. They don't like whining.
Whining about your problems always makes you feel worse, not better. So if something is wrong, don't waste time complaining. Put that mental energy into making the situation better. Unless you want to whine about it forever, eventually you'll have to make it better. That's what mentally strong people do!

15.They believe in themselves.
And that's why they're able to do all of the above ;)

Shared by Louis Kakoutis, for educational purposes.