Those who think that the Russians influenced the American election are so delusional, it is not even remotely plausible to suggest that there is a difference between the extreme idealogue and the psychotic.

The myth that Putin is a threat to democracy anywhere is consequently nothing more and nothing less -a myth.

The truth is an orphan. Unless you have your head in the sand, you will realize that the threat to democracy is always from within. The people who have been stealing elections since 2000 have not been Russians, but Americans like Karl Rove, Roger Stone and the deep pockets of billionaires who make the little facts that count, control elections -facts that have been exposed by BOB FITRAKIS AND HARVEY WASSERMAN -for example, the two companies in line to sell touch-screen voting machines to Ohio had deep and continuing ties to the Republican Party.

It is consequently very clear and obvious that President Donald Trump is the President of the United States because Donald Trup inherited the American Empire that steals elections.

Fix that, Robert Mueller, Putin had absolutely nothing to do with it.

Moreover, it is not the Russians who have the capacity to blackmail President Trump, but those Americans, people like James Comey, who think that it is the duty and the obligation of law enforcement to shame people.

Fix that Robert Mueller.

For all of the above reasons, President Donald Trump will be the President of the United States, legitimate or otherwise, until the swamp is drained.

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