The media is a disgrace. It calls agenda-driven fanatic, John Scott-Railton, a senior researcher and that level of malpractice is vulgar and extremely dangerous. He is a crafty man who keeps his agenda a secret and is therefore anything but a trustworthy researcher.

That should not surprise anybody in a world dominated by ignorance and deception. Generally speaking, CNN has become the voice of pro-vaxxers and Fox News has become the voice of anti-vaxxers.

John Scott-Railton is the media darling of gullible pundits like Don Lemon, who use his analysis to keep the truth about January 6 covered up.

Needless to say, if "American Spies" like John Scott-Railon had any desire to reveal the truth about January 6, they'd expose the leaders, not the scapegoats of the Insurrection.

It is only independent researchers who are pro-science and are therefore far more reliable than agenda-driven "experts" on Fox and CNN.

Review the work of independent scholars or you will be invariably mislead and in the final analysis, always reach your own conclusion about what you hear and see because publicized, group-think is mostly the idiotic rambling of televised gossip-mongering.

Next: History is a reliable source.





That guy in the orange hood is clearly not Zip-Tie Boys mother as the media and people like
John Scott-Railton have lead you to believe through efforts to control and monopolize what
you learn about the failed, January 6 Coup. Who is he and why doesn't the media publicize
the fact that he has not been publicly identified? It's not the crime, it's the Cover Up, Stupid.